Server Optimization for Wordpress

Whether your server has a single Wordpress site, high traffic and visits, or multiple domains hosted with Wordpress, we can help you from analyzing, deciding on the best and latest technologies and optimizing to the maximum to obtain the best performance and server security, in addition to continuous monitoring and adjustment for 30 days 24x7 in order to deliver superior service.

$ 40,00

Server Optimization for Wordpress
Wordpress Speed

Maximum speed for Wordpress

We analyze and configure each server and all resources such as hardware, software, network, kernel, access numbers in a unique way, to offer maximum performance and security.

Maximum performance and optimization.

During 30 days the server is monitored 24x7 and log data is collected for performance adjustments.

MySQL/MariaDB Optimization and Monitoring

We analyze and optimize all MySQL databases for superior performance

WebServer and PHP Optimization and Monitoring

It is essential to optimize, create cache, install and configure extensions if necessary, whatever your WebServer or PHP


Is monitoring and data analysis done 24 hours a day?

Yes! We understand that an excellent optimization needs log capture, 24x7 analysis through our monitoring system, so we can understand where the server's weaknesses and strengths are for later adjustment.

If I still don't have a server, do you offer the same service?

In this case we offer more services than a Server Management plan. We can offer advice on choosing your server, Control Panel or without a panel, in addition to all the services described in the Management plans. The only difference is that this service is valid for 30 days, but at the end you can choose to migrate to a Server Management plan (monthly).

Do you need a custom solution?

Get in touch with any questions or request customized quotes according to your needs.

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