Server Management with OpenSource Panel

Server management with Open Source panel, following best practices, with experienced and always updated SysAdmins. The utmost care with all services involving your server and monitoring of more than 100 resources and services with Pro Ativo 24×7 support.


The best support experience in our HelpDesk, with experienced SysAdmin dedicated to solving any problem!


We take the security of our customers’ servers seriously. We offer constant optimization, feature installation, server security settings, services, daily log analysis,…




Analysis and maximum optimization for excellent OS performance, Network, Kernel(sysctl), Apache, NGINX, Litespeed, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, MailServer, …


Pro-Active 24×7 monitoring of more than 100 server resources and services. In case of failures, non-standard usage or dozens of other alerts, at any time, a SysAdmin is assigned to mitigate the incident.

Installation Panel Open Source

Installing and configuring dozens of Panel Open Source features and services following the latest and best practices.

Open Source Panel Maintenance

We follow a routine of analysis, optimization, safe updating, corrective and preventive maintenance.

Server Optimization with Open Source Panel

Advanced  server optimization for high performance projects with maximum security.

Description of Open Source Management Services.

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Installing and configuring dozens of Plesk features and services, following the latest and best practices.

Weekly auditing, patching, installing security patches, frequently updating and tweaking settings.
List of Some Steps for Plesk server protection.

+ Disable direct root login
+ Disable/Replace insecure ciphers with the latest and most secure.
+ open_basedir protection.
+ Fail2Ban configuration
+ Creation of a dedicated user for SSH access.
+ Changing the default SSH port
+ Advanced CSF firewall configuration.
+ Mod_Evasive configuration (optional or if needed)
+ Mod_Security configuration and optimized rules for greater security.
+ Use of TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.
+ Server analysis with RootKit Hunter
+ Server analysis with maldet integrated into Clamav with added signatures for better detection of malicious code on the client site.
+ Server analysis using ImunifyAV and cPanel integration.
+ Configuration of frequent tasks in cron.
+ Disable Apache header information.
+ Disable NGINX header information.
+ Correct configuration of Litespeed .
+ Hide PHP version information.
+ Kernel Security Update and Optimization through Sysctl.conf
+ Disable unnecessary services
many others according to Linux OS distribution, hardware, customer request, etc…

We pride ourselves on offering advanced performance optimization just right for each server. Through analysis of the Hardware, active clients, network, systems, modules and installed extensions, we were able to define the best configurations and installations necessary for the server, including customizations in the Kernel (sysctl.conf), NGINX, Apache, Litespeed, PHP, MariaDB, and others…

Secure, no downtime migration of your old Panel Open Source server accounts. After the initial migration, at any time we continue to offer the migration of your new clients.(* IP and root password of the old cPanel server is required).

Our support will be able to install and configure any third party application compatible with your server.

Deep investigation of spam and hacking related activities from the logs and collection of evidence for further processing. We will investigate and scan the entire server for suspicious scripts. We follow comprehensive data recovery procedures for hacker attacks and protect systems with periodic data backups. Setting up remote backups, monitoring server logs for any malicious activity, rotating and securing logs for future reference.

Pro Ativo Server Management monitors more than 100 server resources 24×7. In the event of any anomaly, someone from support is immediately assigned with top priority to investigate and mitigate the problem in the shortest possible time and report incident details through our HelpDesk.

Advanced installation and configuration of various AntiSpam , AntiVirus tools and plugins on the Server.

Our team of Plesk server management experts is always ready to offer suggestions to improve your server's security and performance.

We offer the best support experience in our HelpDesk, through experienced SysAdmins, always up to date, dedicated to solving any problem.

Server Management Open Source Panel

Painel de Controle Open Source

Open Source Panel Management
Monthly Renewal

$ 30 / month

Painel de Controle Open Source

Open Source Panel Management
Valid for 30 days

$ 30 / one time

Vantagens em contratar nossos serviços de Gerenciamento de Servidor

Estamos em constante aprimoramento para oferecer os melhores serviços a nossos clientes

Seu servidor gerenciado por um especialista

Instalação e configuração de dezenas de recursos  e serviços seguindo as melhores e mais recentes práticas.

Manutenção diária

Seguimos uma rotina de análise, otimização, atualização segura, manutenção corretiva e preventiva.

Otimização do Servidor

Otimização avançada do servidor para projetos de alta performance com o máximo de segurança.

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