How to deal with high server load

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The high load on servers (high load) causes major problems on Web servers. It can cause slowness or even failure in the services provided, creating major problems in customer relationships. We understand that your company’s reputation is at stake in these cases. We offer Server Management plans with 24×7 monitoring and proactive support. We update servers daily, configure servers for excellent performance and advanced security.

In the absence of efficient management, the high load on the server leads to slow service loading times, website, email and database failures. Additionally, you start receiving complaints from your customers.

So how to deal with high load issues on your server?

As a SysAdmin we deal with high load issues frequently, especially with new customers, we have found that some of the main causes of high load are spam, eCommerce cron jobs, high disk usage processes like SQL queries and data read/write on disk generating IOWAIT.

Some of the main causes of high load on servers.

  • Server overloaded
  • Spamming
  • Hard disk performance
  • Process & Cron task scheduling
  • Database performance.
  • Vírus e malwares

Very common reason for Server overload is too many users. Servers that have never been optimized can experience considerable performance improvement with our services. Another problem is sending spam on the server, generating high load and inserting the IP into the RBLS lists (email blacklist) causing problems with the delivery of customer emails.

Hard disk performance. It is common to find customers who invest in dedicated server or cloud hardware without thinking about the read/write speed of the disk. SSD or Nvme disks should be a good choice. Common HDS will slow down the reading/writing of data and should be avoided. When the read/write speed (IO) of the disk is high, data is written more slowly, affecting all server services. It’s best to think about the limit of this server before hiring. We can help with tips and experience…